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30 days of Creativity – Project 7 – Laughter

There is one stamp set on my shelf which always makes me laugh!
I remember when I first saw it in the catalogue I thought “I have no idea what I will use it for but I need it!”
At the time my very dear friend was somewhat obsessed with Robert Pattinson with or without his fangs….actually I think she’s still somewhat obsessed:) and this set just summed up their…um…relationship.


I used StazOn on Jet Black ink pad ($13.95 101406) as I didn’t want the thermometer to smudge when I coloured it in and I like the saturated black colour.


In the end I didn’t colour in the thermometer as I hadn’t a recipient in mind:)

Happy Crafting
a Crafty Little Fox

30 Days of Creativity – project 6 – Sticks

Day 6 was themed sticks which made me think nest and then birds.
It was a Friday when I eventually started this project which means the bird on my mind was a Pink Flamingo!
I have wanted to have a play with punch art for a while now so I had a look for some flamingo Punch art and found this fabulous creation by Blogger Ellen Kemper. So I cased her pretty little bird (which means I used her design as inspiration for me own;))


It uses the Bird Builder punch ($29.95 117191) and you simply trim off the bits you don’t need.
I created the little Water lilies using Boho Blossoms punch ($29.95 119858).

It was a quick and easy card to create and I can see that I am going to enjoy playing with Punch art a whole lot more!

Happy Crafting

a Crafty Little Fox

30 Days of creativity – project 5 – Mandolin

So I thought Pineapple was tough? bah – what about Mandolin?
Ponder Ponder – strings and fingers came to mind so I decided to have a play with Finger Print art.

I was introduced to the fun of Ed Emberley by my friend KG who is a fabulous teacher. She uses Ed Emberley projects when she gets called in to substitute classes or as a busy activity in her classroom.
His project principles are simple to master and kids always have loads of fun changing the colour of their fingertips!


This fun card uses the silver Glimmer paper – which I am so fond of!
I love the little cat and the snail – sweet and simple.

Happy crafting

a Crafty Little Fox

30 days of Creativity – Project 4 – Pineapple

What exactly does pineapple make me think of? Summer, holidays and Pina Colades.
That’s just depressing with the weather the way it is. I am over winter and we’ve only just begun!

I decided to focus on the fruitiness of Pinapples and made sweet little peg note holders using the smaller Soda Pop tops and tiny stamps from Itti Bitties (128939) $35.95 which has 56 Tiny images to choose from. I punched out the images with 1/2″ circle punch ($9.95 119869).
I picked the Watermelon, apple, cherry and strawberry.
The images are mounted with Crystal effects ($10.95 101055) the same way I did with the scissor charms and coloured the wooden pegs in with Two way Marker pens in Lucky Limeade and Calypso Coral.
No yellow in sight but fun and fruity!


Don’t forget that these little Soda Pop Tops will retire with the seasonal catalogue at the end of June so if you wanted some be sure to order before then.

Happy Crafting
a Crafty Little Fox

“Make a Statement” Digital Tour 2013

Dig Tour 13 EventBanner

Melbourne Saturday, 3 August
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Bring out the digital designer in you and discover My Digital Studio-an intuitive digital design software featuring Stampin’ Up!’s exclusive artwork, colours and templates!

Learn how My Digital Studio can help you become your own digital designer-creating cards, invitations, photobooks, party décor, recipe books, home décor, calendars and more!
Being creative couldn’t be easier!
Watch this video to see MDS in action

Discover a range of inspirational projects, ideas and techniques through project displays and engaging presentations.
Bring along your laptop and digital images and follow along in our classes to create your own designer photobook-capturing your own cherished memories.
You’ll go home with several complete pages-which you can then print, e-mail or upload to the Internet.
Classes are designed for beginners, to provide you with a basic understanding of My Digital Studio software.

You can register now!

Looking forward to a crafty day together!

30 days of Creativity – Project 3 – Iron

Did you know that Monopoly retired the Iron as a game piece in 2013?
They replaced it with a cat.
Best decision EVER! I love Cats and hate ironing!
I have two rescue kitties both of which are cuddled around my craft table today as the rain buckets down and the thunder rumbles. At one time Mr Fox and I had 7 rescue kitties but that didn’t last long – they are more demanding then children and we stopped at 3 of those!

I was wondering what to do for the Iron theme and the closest I came to was Iron is a metal and I love the Metal Pop tops in the current Holiday catalogue. These will disappear when this catalogue ends (June 30) so be sure to order a couple of boxes if you are as smitten as I am. Also be sure to double check that there are no items in the catalogue which you want as many will be discontinued after that date.

The Soda Pop tops can be seen in my online store. You can punch custom centres from Designer Series Paper or stamped images using the 1/2″ and 1″ Circle Punches. 16 total: 8 ea. of 2 designs.

They are really versatile and can be squished using your Big Shot. They make very pretty Accents.

For todays project I have made a scissor charm for each of my down line – because they are all fabulous and deserve a bit of bling. These were inspired by a US demonstrator called Inking Idaho. I love her projects!
I couldn’t get the attachment she used so I made one using bits from the jewellery section at Spotlight.


The images was created using the 1″ circle punch in Silver Glimmer Paper and the tiny heart punch in red Glimmer paper. I used a little Crystal effects to secure the circle and heart in place. Tip is to let that dry before you add the Crystal effects Seal layer over the top otherwise you get air bubbles and the heart tends to float around;)
Once they are dried in place you can fill the top with a thin layer of Crystal effects. Go slowly and keep the tip of the Crystal effects in contact with the surface – this also helps prevent bubbles. Don’t try dry the Crystal effects with your heat gun or in front of a heater – this also just encourages bubbles! Best just left at room temp for a couple of hours.

I attached my chair using hot glue but you could add a broach backing or use them as an embellishment on a card.

Would you like your own Scissor charm? Place an order with me during June and I will post you your very own scissor charm!

Happy Crafting
a Crafty Little Fox

30 days of Creativity – Project 2 – Spiders

I like Spiders – I may even go so far as to say I love Spiders. I also love frogs and crabs and all insects….except Ants…I detest ants, but I ramble.

Theme for Day 2 was Spiders. In Australia we have all kinds of deadly spiders and while I’ll put the Redbacks to sleep and collect the Funnelwebs for the Reptile park, I’m pretty happy to leave the rest alone. Not Mr Fox, he’s not pro-spider. He will call me to remove offending spiders from various locations or on his way to work will point at an overturned lunch container and say “Please will you deal with that”. Big Brave Mr Fox.

I’ve had the retirement list on my mind a fair bit as we have a few weeks left before we say goodbye to some of our favourites. It’s even harder as a demonstrator to select what you will sell from your collection and what you will archive and hang onto for a bit longer. The set I used today is one I plan to hang onto because I love the characters! It was called Googly Ghouls and formed part of a Holiday catalogue. The set sold as a bundle with cutest self adhesive googly eyes and wax paper lolly bags.
Sadly when the set retired, so did the eyes and I’ve just used my last one:(
That’s how it is with retiring items, sometimes you really miss them when they are gone.


I love the silver Glimmer paper and it’s getting well used at the moment, it reminds me of Gossamer webbing so worked for this spider card.
This style of card lets you twist the circle image and then place in an envelope wound up. That means when the recipient opens the card the little image spins around. This is achieved by running thread between two punched circles glued back to back.

I used black embossing powder with Versamark to get a really pitch black image. I find this is the best way to get a strong black image.

Well tick for me – I have finished 2 projects!
Don’t miss out on placing your retirement list orders.

Happy Crafting
a crafty little fox.

30 days of Creativity – Project 1

Day 1 of 30 DoC is titled Toys.

I am lucky enough to have 3 young children who provide a legitimate excuse for me to indulge my own inner child with plenty of playtime and lots of toys.

My favourite at the moment are the Sylvanian families who provide so much open end play and come with lots of co-ordinating accessories. I also love the innocence of these little creatures who live in the woods.

A close second will be Lego – even the much debated “girl Lego” – these are a favourite for my son in particular who will bring a project to my craft desk and work off a green board across from my crafting. I love watching his blonde head bowed over his work as his brow furrows in concentration. I love it even more when he sighs in frustration and asks for some help over some “confounded piece” (I had to teach him the word “confounded” after he used some choice expletives to express his frustration!)

So there are many opportunities for being creative with toys in our house. This weekend DS and I completed a Lego fighter jet which was sent in a package from his Granny.


I also found time to rearrange some of the Sylvanians into their Woodland home. Mrs Fox clearly represents how I would like to spend some quiet time.

But my 30 days of Creativity project was inspired by Cindy B who is a Snr staff writer at SU! USA when she made a Krafty Kids Treasure Hunt jar.
In The USA kids are about to start their long Summer holiday and for many families that means a Roadtrip. Thus she was inspired to create the Treasure Hunt Jar.
My children all love the “I Spy” books and DS brings one home in his library bag almost every week. He’ll then spend hours hunting through the artwork for the list of items…quietly!
Children + Quietly was motivation enough to get me to start on my own Treasure Hunt Jar.

You will need
a Large Plastic jar with lid
2 Cups or rice
Glue Gun
20-30 small items

You can get the kids involved right from the beginning by looking around the house for Lost Things or little bits. Kinder Surprise, LPS and Polly Pocket provided items for our jar and some costume jewellery, extra buttons and coins completed the list of 24.
I wanted to make our lid interesting so I covered a 24 chipboard number with cardstock and then attached a collection of Wiggly Eyes (I love Wiggly Eyes!) using Crystal effects.


Lay out all your “lost things” and take a photo – this is so you can print the “hunt list” and maybe laminate it for longevity. Kids can then cross off the items as they find them using a whiteboard marker which will generally wash off a laminate sheet.


Add a cup of rice to your jar and add your “lost things”, top it up with rice and then seal the jar closed with some hot glue.


My kids are already fascinated with the contents and it could be used in lots of different ways. Make a jar of Alphabet items – find things from A-Z or different dinosaurs would be trickier or a jar of just blue items would be challenging?

Happy Crafting
a Crafty Little Fox.

30 days of Creativity – My own time line

I really love the idea of the 30 Days of Creativity project. I have one very talented friend who in spite of having a fulltime job and 3 kids, 1 husband,2 cats,2 gwinnypigs and a LIFE still manages to complete her projects on time and online! I’m a little less reliable :/

If you have never heard of the 30 DoC its like a Michelle Bridges programme but for your Left Brain:) It’s a one Month challenge where each day in June is given a theme and then your challenge is to create something ANYTHING that is creative.

30 day of C 2013

This is the planner for June – or into July or whenever you can fit it in! I have done project 1 and the outlines for a few other days. Figure if I can get 30 projects completed over the next few weeks then I will deserve a pat on the back!

It’s lots of fun and I hope you can find some time between work, fitness, spouses and kids to give yourself some creative time. While our brain is not a muscle (in spite of popular myth) it does benefit from a good workout and the more time you spend being creative the easier it comes to you.

Happy crafting
crafty little fox

Keeping track of our busy lives:)

THis and That Ad

I love being busy. I keep a giant calendar in my kitchen which tracks where each of my kids – and Mr Fox – need to be every day. It reminds me of meetings and birthdays, events and when reports are due. I would be lost without it!

In my tweens and teens I kept a Dear Diary – filled with all my hopes and secret loves and heartaches – and reading them now makes me smile, if only we really knew how simple our childhood was! Now I rarely find time to document all that happens to our family but I knew that there had to be a simpler way to do it. Earlier this year I created a Journal with some help from my lovely friend Annette, just jotting down a few words or adding a photo seemed a much easier way to record the excitement and adventure that is my family.
Journaling is quick and quirky and requires less time and it’s because of this that I find the Stampin’ Up! Epic Day This and That Journal so exciting! Plus you can add an accessory pack which will Co-ordinate – Squeal!

For the Month of May you can purchase the Epic Day This and That journal and accessory pack at 15% off the normal price – this is a pre-launch new catalogue price.

Epic Day This and That Journal $18.95
Epic day This and That Designer Series Paper $18.95
Remember This and That Rotary Stamp $9.95
Epic Day This and That Designer Stickers $8.95
Epic Day This and That Designer Washi Tape $8.95

If you buy all 5 items as a bundle during May you get 15% off the normal price – $55.88
Items can be ordered individually so you can restock on stickers and Tape as you need to – these items will be available in the new catalogue.

Watch the Stampin’ Up! video on YouTube by following this link