Friday afternoons are for calming down after a busy week. It was the first week back to school for the kids and they were feeling worn out and a little cranky.
Craft is an excellent way to get everyone to calm down and relaxed, focused on the task at hand.

I mentioned in my post about the Nappy Fold bag that it’s easy enough for the kids to do and so this was my chance to prove it. Four kids aged between 5 and 9 finished bags within 20 minutes – and even managed to make the flowers for embellishment.

 Here is the finished product – they were really chuffed  and the baby sitter had a special gift waiting for her that night!

And now for a lesson in flowers. You’ll need the following

  • Designer Series Double sided Paper
  • 2 3/8″ scallop circle punch
  • Hole piercer
  • A Brad – not thee Brad, though I am sure he would prove to be useful. A brad is really a fancy splitpin 😉

Punch 6-8 scallop circles and layer them at angles – so the scallops are not identical.
Pierce a hole through the centre of all the scallop circles and push through your brad and secure it.
Start pinching your layers together starting from the top layer and working them up to the middle – to create what looks like a flower bud.
Squish and squash up each new layer, pinching them as tightly as you can.
When you have completed the final layer your flower should look closed. Give it a few good bashes on the table or squash the flower in your palm. This gives them texture and breaks up the uniformity of the petals.
Slowly start unpeeling petals, but not completely, and work slowly to get the effect you desire.

Hope you have fun trying this for yourselves.