Teachers are expected to reach unattainable goals with inadequate tools. The miracle is that at times they accomplish this impossible task. ~Haim G. Ginott

We spend a large portion of our childhood at school. I can name every one of my grade school teachers and a good portion of my highschool ones. They moulded and guided and trained and played a large role in making me who I am today. There are those who I am lucky enough to have known into adulthood, and have been able to thank, but to those who I have lost contact with, I scream into the ethos THANK YOU!  You are full of awesome!

As a parent you gain a whole new level of appreciation for teachers. They take care of the ones we treasure most and help them grow and learn. Plus they save us from having to do this formidable task ourselves!

At the beginning of this year at least 3 teachers were going to have the task of taking on 3 little foxes who were full of trepidation and nerves starting at a brand new school. Turns out there were 6 teachers to be valued!
DD1 had a split class with two teachers, as did DD2. The smallest fox started Kindy and had just one.
Now I know that you are questioning my powers of addition, but there turned out to be a student teacher in DD1 class. DD1 being the softest and most caring of the 3 little foxes insisted that this teacher needed a gift too! So 6 was the magic number – 5 finished for Valentines day and the final one going to school on Monday.

So I have been asked why gifts for the teachers? I know there will be those who suspect my motive so here it is.
I believe in telling teachers how much they are valued, how much I appreciate what they do for my children every day.
Other then Mr Fox and myself, no one will spend as much time or have as much influence on my children as their teachers will.
For that they deserve to be showered with thanks.

I had been wanting to make the small milk carton boxes for ages. I think they look really sweet paired up or in 4. When I was growing up we still had milk delivered to the house and I remember the carry box the milkman used. Milk is also synonymous with school as in generations past it was the drink of choice for small children. (Can you imagine trying to do this now!? Lite milk, skim milk, 2% milk, half and half, full cream, rice milk, lactose free milk, rice milk???)

Stampin’ Up! does have a handy dyecut to run through the Big Shot but the first batch that I made I cut out by hand. It was time-consuming but they were a little bigger then the dyecut and so could fit more in.
It was really a matter on cutting and scoring lines and then holding together with sticky strip and Two-way glue pen.

 This one was made using the dye and from start to finish took less than 15 minutes.

An important lesson learned (haahaa) while making these is that it is important to use the right glue for the job at hand.

I used

  • Sticky strip to hold the box together.
  • Two way glue to hold the base in position (faster the sticky strip for multi layers and still strong)
  • Snail for the ribbon
  • Glue dots for the punched embellishments

Papers used were from the Paper stack and Paisley Parade DS paper.

I used a variety of stamp sets (will update in the morning!) and Circle and Scallop circle punches.

I loved how very different each of the boxes turned out. It’s hard to pick a favorite but I do like how the tree on the green one turned out!

I finished them off with a little card and a contents list – Only when I was editing photos did I realise that Excel had chopped off some words! DAMN – so the last item was Wiggley Eyes!

I think there is great importance in teaching our children to say “thank you” and that there is great value in something that is homemade.
Something as simple as some flowers from the garden or a card they have made themselves.
World teachers day is Oct 5th – sure you can think of something by then!

This made me smile
“If you promise not to believe everything your child says happens at school, I’ll promise not to believe everything he says happens at home.  ~Anonymous Teacher

Happy crafting