“The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.” Dr. Seuss

I have loved reading ever since I discovered I could. I remember the Ginn series and reading the “Look” book and even the adventures of Dick and Jane! I remember discovering Enid Blyton and the magic of faeries. The love of Roald Dahl and later J.K Rowling.  As an adult I try to find time to read every day and have a book in my car and one in my bag, as well as a stack beside my bed.  Keeping track of where I am in each of them takes a couple of markers and often they get lost or fall out.

DD2 has a crafty teacher and she asked for help with a Mothers day project, I decided to help the kids make some corner place markers. It’s a quick and simple craft and a great idea as a quick gift for friends and family.

Cut a piece of cardstock to 8cm by 10cm.

Along the baseline use a scallop border punch to create a decorative edge. I find it easier to use this punch upside down to I can line up the scallops to the edge. Stampin’ Up! border punches do have a nifty printed pattern on the front to help you line up cardstock accurately but for this punch I wanted to line up with the edge.

Measure 4cm from the top and 4 cm from the edge and mark the lines as an inverted T.

Fold top left and right corners down to meet at the top of the T. Flatten and neaten with your bone folder. Cut a triangle of cardstock measuring 8cm at the base with a height of 4 cm. Adhere this to the back of your folded triangles to hold in place.

Select a stamp or sentiment to stamp at the top.

For my embellishment I punched out flowers using Boho Blossoms in DS paper. I just used scraps which coordinated with the cardstock.

I then layered the flowers and joined then together with a brad. I used my favorite scrunching technique to make a pretty blossom.

I finished off with a strip of satin ribbon and all done!

I played around with a couple of designs and made the following.

The kids had fun and designed their own which were very creative – I especially liked one little boy who turned his into a little fish!

Happy Crafting


Miss Fox