Week two of the school holidays and its time for me to exercise my “kid craft” brain. The challenge is to find activities which will engage the kids and make use of the craft supplies already in my cupboard.

The first week of holidays was pretty miserable and I was really pleased to have the sun come out this week.  When we played in the park yesterday the mower was out cutting the grass, the sun warmed our backs and kids were out in shorts and thongs (not my kids mind, but there were kids!) All these elements hinted at the promise of spring! Horray!

So while I was feeling all springy I worked out a quick flower craft for the girls to make flower jewelery for their friends. Designer Series Paper scraps are perfect for this activity but I think old cards or even wallpaper scraps would work a treat.
Use what you have!

Start by cutting 6 circles from the card – having a punch helps and we used the 1 3/8″ and 1 3/4″ punches but if you don’t have them trace around an egg cup.  In my previous life of early childhood education these punches were a hand saver as I had many blisters from cutting circles out of card for a classroom of kids! Now I can’t imagine doing it any other way.

Fold each circle in half and cut along the fold.

Fold in half again – if you are using card with only print on one side then the print must be on the inside.

Glue the 1/2 circles together by pasting on the outside.

Stick a gem or button on the outside flaps.

For a pendant you can thread string or scooby through a tiny hold or for a broach paste a circle to the back of the flower and tape on a safety-pin or broach pin from a craft store.

Happy Holiday crafting


Miss Fox