THis and That Ad

I love being busy. I keep a giant calendar in my kitchen which tracks where each of my kids – and Mr Fox – need to be every day. It reminds me of meetings and birthdays, events and when reports are due. I would be lost without it!

In my tweens and teens I kept a Dear Diary – filled with all my hopes and secret loves and heartaches – and reading them now makes me smile, if only we really knew how simple our childhood was! Now I rarely find time to document all that happens to our family but I knew that there had to be a simpler way to do it. Earlier this year I created a Journal with some help from my lovely friend Annette, just jotting down a few words or adding a photo seemed a much easier way to record the excitement and adventure that is my family.
Journaling is quick and quirky and requires less time and it’s because of this that I find the Stampin’ Up! Epic Day This and That Journal so exciting! Plus you can add an accessory pack which will Co-ordinate – Squeal!

For the Month of May you can purchase the Epic Day This and That journal and accessory pack at 15% off the normal price – this is a pre-launch new catalogue price.

Epic Day This and That Journal $18.95
Epic day This and That Designer Series Paper $18.95
Remember This and That Rotary Stamp $9.95
Epic Day This and That Designer Stickers $8.95
Epic Day This and That Designer Washi Tape $8.95

If you buy all 5 items as a bundle during May you get 15% off the normal price – $55.88
Items can be ordered individually so you can restock on stickers and Tape as you need to – these items will be available in the new catalogue.

Watch the Stampin’ Up! video on YouTube by following this link