I really love the idea of the 30 Days of Creativity project. I have one very talented friend who in spite of having a fulltime job and 3 kids, 1 husband,2 cats,2 gwinnypigs and a LIFE still manages to complete her projects on time and online! I’m a little less reliable :/

If you have never heard of the 30 DoC its like a Michelle Bridges programme but for your Left Brain:) It’s a one Month challenge where each day in June is given a theme and then your challenge is to create something ANYTHING that is creative.

30 day of C 2013

This is the planner for June – or into July or whenever you can fit it in! I have done project 1 and the outlines for a few other days. Figure if I can get 30 projects completed over the next few weeks then I will deserve a pat on the back!

It’s lots of fun and I hope you can find some time between work, fitness, spouses and kids to give yourself some creative time. While our brain is not a muscle (in spite of popular myth) it does benefit from a good workout and the more time you spend being creative the easier it comes to you.

Happy crafting
crafty little fox