I like Spiders – I may even go so far as to say I love Spiders. I also love frogs and crabs and all insects….except Ants…I detest ants, but I ramble.

Theme for Day 2 was Spiders. In Australia we have all kinds of deadly spiders and while I’ll put the Redbacks to sleep and collect the Funnelwebs for the Reptile park, I’m pretty happy to leave the rest alone. Not Mr Fox, he’s not pro-spider. He will call me to remove offending spiders from various locations or on his way to work will point at an overturned lunch container and say “Please will you deal with that”. Big Brave Mr Fox.

I’ve had the retirement list on my mind a fair bit as we have a few weeks left before we say goodbye to some of our favourites. It’s even harder as a demonstrator to select what you will sell from your collection and what you will archive and hang onto for a bit longer. The set I used today is one I plan to hang onto because I love the characters! It was called Googly Ghouls and formed part of a Holiday catalogue. The set sold as a bundle with cutest self adhesive googly eyes and wax paper lolly bags.
Sadly when the set retired, so did the eyes and I’ve just used my last one:(
That’s how it is with retiring items, sometimes you really miss them when they are gone.


I love the silver Glimmer paper and it’s getting well used at the moment, it reminds me of Gossamer webbing so worked for this spider card.
This style of card lets you twist the circle image and then place in an envelope wound up. That means when the recipient opens the card the little image spins around. This is achieved by running thread between two punched circles glued back to back.

I used black embossing powder with Versamark to get a really pitch black image. I find this is the best way to get a strong black image.

Well tick for me – I have finished 2 projects!
Don’t miss out on placing your retirement list orders.

Happy Crafting
a crafty little fox.