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Day 1 of 30 DoC is titled Toys.

I am lucky enough to have 3 young children who provide a legitimate excuse for me to indulge my own inner child with plenty of playtime and lots of toys.

My favourite at the moment are the Sylvanian families who provide so much open end play and come with lots of co-ordinating accessories. I also love the innocence of these little creatures who live in the woods.

A close second will be Lego – even the much debated “girl Lego” – these are a favourite for my son in particular who will bring a project to my craft desk and work off a green board across from my crafting. I love watching his blonde head bowed over his work as his brow furrows in concentration. I love it even more when he sighs in frustration and asks for some help over some “confounded piece” (I had to teach him the word “confounded” after he used some choice expletives to express his frustration!)

So there are many opportunities for being creative with toys in our house. This weekend DS and I completed a Lego fighter jet which was sent in a package from his Granny.


I also found time to rearrange some of the Sylvanians into their Woodland home. Mrs Fox clearly represents how I would like to spend some quiet time.

But my 30 days of Creativity project was inspired by Cindy B who is a Snr staff writer at SU! USA when she made a Krafty Kids Treasure Hunt jar.
In The USA kids are about to start their long Summer holiday and for many families that means a Roadtrip. Thus she was inspired to create the Treasure Hunt Jar.
My children all love the “I Spy” books and DS brings one home in his library bag almost every week. He’ll then spend hours hunting through the artwork for the list of items…quietly!
Children + Quietly was motivation enough to get me to start on my own Treasure Hunt Jar.

You will need
a Large Plastic jar with lid
2 Cups or rice
Glue Gun
20-30 small items

You can get the kids involved right from the beginning by looking around the house for Lost Things or little bits. Kinder Surprise, LPS and Polly Pocket provided items for our jar and some costume jewellery, extra buttons and coins completed the list of 24.
I wanted to make our lid interesting so I covered a 24 chipboard number with cardstock and then attached a collection of Wiggly Eyes (I love Wiggly Eyes!) using Crystal effects.


Lay out all your “lost things” and take a photo – this is so you can print the “hunt list” and maybe laminate it for longevity. Kids can then cross off the items as they find them using a whiteboard marker which will generally wash off a laminate sheet.


Add a cup of rice to your jar and add your “lost things”, top it up with rice and then seal the jar closed with some hot glue.


My kids are already fascinated with the contents and it could be used in lots of different ways. Make a jar of Alphabet items – find things from A-Z or different dinosaurs would be trickier or a jar of just blue items would be challenging?

Happy Crafting
a Crafty Little Fox.