I’ve been baking for most of my life and have clear childhood memories of baking with my mum, friends and cousins.

Since having my own children I have rediscovered a love for beautiful biscuits and have created iced treats for most birthdays and special occasions.

At Stampin’ Up! “I am…” convention 2012 we had a sneak peek of the biscuit stamps. I squealed with delight and clutched my poor friend with excitement! Baking and Stamping all in one:)
In the Holiday catalogue we had our first peek of the Sweet Pressed Cookie stamps as a Holiday collection.  The main catalogue has another two sets as Special events and Occasions.

So especially for all my sweet toothed friends a baking post for you!

I have been working on my own biscuit recipe for years but SU! does include a recipe with the set.
My only hints are to really cream your sugar and butter and use more than one type of sugar. Add some yummy brown to the castor or you can even buy crown castor sugar now which is delish!  I also add honey for flavour but for those who are allergic you could use some Golden syrup.

The texture of the dough once you have added flour should be really silky. I use a combination of SR flour and Plain flour but don’t use too much SR or baking powder as it will distort the shape of your biscuits and can leave a nasty aftertaste to your biscuit. Don’t over knead as you will get dense heavy biscuits.

The little blue measuring cup makes me smile as it was one of my very first purchases when I arrived in Australia – I couldn’t live in our tiny rented apartment without a set of measuring cups!

Cut your dough into 3 or 4 portions and wrap in plastic wrap and place in the fridge to chill. in Australian summer this is important as it will affect the texture of your biscuits and how they hold their shape while baking. Leave in the fridge for about 20 min before you roll out the dough to about 3-5mm.
I sprinkle my edible glitter on a side plate and tap my stamp into the glitter before pressing the shape into the rolled dough.
And because I like neatness and order to my biscuits I cut my biscuits with a round cookie cutter!

As a disclaimer the glitter does say nontoxic for decorative purposes – so don”t eat it by the pot load! I did try another batch with castor sugar which I lightly coloured with food colouring. It’s not as pretty but it works!

Make sure when you place your biscuits on the tray you allow room for rising. Trays should be cool and covered in baking paper.

Keep an eye on the cookies – bake at a lower heat – about 120deg C and bake until edges are golden.

You can package them up in a clearbox to showcase their prettiness – I bought this one from Kosh and co. and made a quick Bellyband to hold the lid in place.

This is mixed batch of Blue edible glitter and White Glitter and the castor sugar variety!  I took them down to a Worker bee at our local school and they were gone pretty quickly! Have a look at my Crafty Fox Biscuit page for other baking inspirations or order a batch for your next event!

Now Halloween is just around the corner – the Jack-o-lantern press is gorgeous!

I used the orange edible glitter for this one – don’t they look wicked baking in the oven!

So by now I know you want your very own set of these gorgeous cookie press biscuits! Be sure to get in touch a place your order for Sweet Pressed Cookie Stamps – 3 silicon stamps, 7cm diameter, one wooden handle. food-safe and easy to clean. recipes and tips included!AUD $29.95

Happy crafting
Miss Fox