When I attended Stampin’ Up! Heartfelt event in Sydney this year there was much festive cheer.  I loved the decorations and packaging and homemade gifts.
The thing I loved most of all was the announcement that the New Stampin’ Trimmer had finally arrived!


Stampin’ Up! had announced it at convention earlier in the year but it took a little longer to get here. Not that I mind because like all good things, it was worth the wait!

So you want to know why it’s quite so fabulous??

Well it comes with the Shelli stamp of approval.  If you don’t know about Shelli, she is the co-founder and CEO of Stampin’ Up! Each catalogue we get just a few items which fall into Shelli’s Signature Collection – products which reflect her own personal style.  Now Shelli has pretty high standards and the Trimmer is the very first tool she has ever stamped as a Shelli item.  So you know its got to be a goody!

shelli sign

So first off – it’s so much bigger then any previous paper trimmer – the base board goes all the way past 15.5cm on the left and you get 3cm on the right. Why is that awesome? Well to cut A4 cardstock in half – a card size we cut frequently – you need to measure to 15cm. Most trimmers have the 15cm on the extender arm or even more annoyingly, right on the joint of the extender arm which makes it tricky to read.
The 3cm of space on the right is fabulous to make the precise measurements for narrow strips.


The grid lines and numbers are all printed beneath a layer of protective plastic. That means even after years of dragging paper across the surface you won’t get faded numbers and blurred lines.

The cutting arm flips up and down so you can line up your paper or card perfectly. What’s even better is that the arm can be locked in place so it won’t get damaged when you transport your cutter.


Each trimmer comes with both a score blade and a cutting blade. Both of which can be pushed out of the way of the cutting surface so you can still cut a full 32cm without bumping into your spare blade!
The lighter grey is your score blade and the darker one is your cutting blade. Easy way to remember is the lighter colour cuts lighter and the Dark blade cuts Deeper.


Next fabulous thing is the nifty foot which pops out under the extended measuring arm – helping you measure more accurately by offering a level surface. Clever thinking!


Time to flip it over! That’s right, even underneath is fabulous!

The Trimmer has 5 non-slip feet to ensure it doesn’t move when you’re making those precise cuts.
It also has a clever storage area – useful for a number of items – your Bone folder, spare blades and business cards….or as a sneaky hiding place for your favorite lollies!


So all in all the trimmer is fabulous and is now available for all customers to purchase.

Order yours before Christmas and get it as part of my Christmas Gift promotion where all orders till Christmas eve get FREE POSTAGE!

Merry Christmas

a Crafty little Fox