During the holidays you are suddenly aware that your children talk a lot, a whole lot. From the moment they wake up until they finally rest their little heads.
I read somewhere that small children ask an average of 500 questions a day, with 3 young kids my day is filled with them! There are times when I  do ask them to just shhh for a minute, but when my mum was here, she had endless patience for their nattering.  When she visited the kids would take turns to sleep in her bed and I would hear them talking away long after lights out.
So when I send my mum a card I love the idea that I can include the sound of their little voices.

In a previous post I talked about how card making is becoming a full sensory experience. Our cards and scrap pages are not just visually appealing, we can include a tactile element by using flocked paper, a combination of material and ribbon and buttons. To add the sense of smell you can use Stampin’ Up! scented embossing powders – which are a favourite with my daughters! Sense of taste is not covered but you could include some biscuits made with the cookie stamps!

So wondering why I skipped over sense of hearing? Because we now have two options when we want to include sound in a card.
The Stampin’ Sound Card records 10 seconds of sound in a card sized 10.8cmx14cm (121009 on page 160 for $9.95). I love how simple this card makes it for you to create a unique gift.


Option number two?
Stampin’ Up! new Talking Tags!
These are self adhesive stickers which are App driven = you will need a smart phone to download the App and record your message and the recipient will need to download the App to hear your message.
You could attach the tag to anything

  • cards
  • invitations
  • gifttags
  • business cards
  • catalogues
  • scrap pages
  • wine bottles

I thought a love note to seal my husbands lunch would be sweet but that would require me making him lunch…..maybe just on his “on the go” coffee mug which he takes on the train every day.
It could also make for a different way to do a Treasure Hunt where you scan the Talking Tags to find the next clue!

It is possible to copy your message to multiple tags by selecting a copy option and scanning multiple tags. This would be perfect for Invitations or Christmas cards.

A sheet of 10 tags will cost $12.95 and are available now.

The App is free from talking tags.mobi, iTunes store and Google Play T.

I know my mum would love a card from the kids which included their voices. I might not fit 500 questions onto the 60 second recording but I can think of some other options. My son reading from his home reader, the girls singing a song or a “Knock Knock” joke.

If you would like to order a sheet of your own talking tags let me know.

Happy crafting

a Crafty Little Fox

Want to hear a message from a Talking Tag? Click here to access a brochure and after you download the App scan the tag on the left to hear a message from Stampin’ Up! CEO Shelli