Hi crafty friends.

My apologies for being an absent fox but there was great excitement in our lives during December as we finally purchased our own house!

As my levels of sanity were under question anyway, we booked our moving day for 2 days before Christmas. Eeeek – it was very busy. Throw in a birthday party, teachers farewell, dance concerts and end of year celebrations and we barely sat still for 6 weeks. I found time to craft but no time to blog 😦

So a month later I’m finally settled in my little house in the forest. I love trees and we have an abundance of them.

The weather has been really odd this summer but not even the rain could keep me from sitting outside on the balcony and doing some blog research and planning!
The sound of the rain and a large mug of tea kept me company while I outlined a long list of projects to keep me busy in the next few weeks.

So now you know the details of where I have been and why the Fox has been absent!

With back to school, an anniversary and Valentines in the next two weeks my crafty calendar is full. Hope you enjoy.