One of the changes I was most concerned about when we made the decision to move was how the kids would adjust to a new school. ( I am only marginally less concerned as to how I will adjust to a new school!)

A new school year raises butterflies for most kids(and parents) and mine were no different. DD1 was awake till 11 and it took DD2 till after 10 to settle. There were lots of questions about who they would meet and whether they would make new friends.  Two days later they seem quite happy and DD2 told me this morning that I could leave before the bell went. Relief!

To celebrate going back to school I wanted to make them something special and chose a “Back to school rescue pack”.
I filled the bags with stationery they would need at home and a couple of treats. Each item had a special meaning and here are a couple you could consider when making your own bags!

  • Life savers – so you know you can come talk to me if you need to
  • Rubberbands – a reminder to be flexible/stretch your mind
  • A handball ball – to help you bounce back
  • Pencils – because you are sharp
  • Lollipop – you can lick any obstacles
  • Eraser – start each day with a clean slate
  • Hershey kisses – know I love you
  • Smarties – for a Smarty!
  • Paperclips – to hold it all together
  • Sponge – to help soak it all in

I used white craft bags which I had in my stash and used some old (retired) DS christmas paper to decorate the bags. When I moved house I realised my DS paper pile was getting ridiculous and needed to be used so I am challenging myself to use what’s in my store-room. When I made the outside decorations I was reminded just how much I need to add a Top Note Die (pg 159 $39.95) for my Bigshot. It’s a Die I use all the time and is so versatile. Will be moved up my wish list!

I really like the “top note” looks like a school badge. Of course it would look much neater if I had the real Die and wasn’t practising my scissor skills!
I attached the tags with ribbon and “Ta-Da” all done.
There are a couple of extra bags for some special friends – always good to share the love.

Rabbit is on DD2’s bed waiting for her to come home! Think she will be delighted.

And DD1 will find hers on the bed when she flops down after a tough day in Yr5!

I think celebrating going back to school is important for kids. I have a special plan for my little guy who starts kindy tomorrow. It’s a German tradition which while my parents didn’t keep I thought needed to make a comeback! Watch out for tomorrow’s post.